Invesco Global Sovereign Asset Management Study 2013-17

At the feet of giants: 5 years of observing the world’s sovereign investors

Oct 23, 2017 | Invesco

In June we published our fifth annual study of the sovereign asset management industry. Over the past five years and in conducting over 320 interviews we’ve sought to provide insights into this evolving and sophisticated investor segment as they’ve navigated economic and political challenges.

Accordingly, it seems timely to bring together key data, themes and learnings from the past five years while taking the opportunity to consider what the future may hold.

We start by considering the sovereign segment broadly, reviewing our segmentation model and using that to map five-year performance numbers and funding levels. Next we assess the evolution of sovereign investment portfolios across asset classes and geographical allocations while providing some thoughts on how these portfolios may evolve over the next five years. We conclude by considering how sovereigns have evolved as institutions, assessing broad capabilities and performance ratings and themes such as internalization.

We expect the next five years to represent a further stage of evolution for sovereign investors and look forward to bringing further evidence-based insights on this fascinating and important group of investors.


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