Multi-sector asset allocation outlook – Q2 2019

This report highlights Invesco Fixed Income’s asset allocation decisions for rates, currencies and credit, its overall risk position, and the investment implications of the team’s macro factor framework.

May 9, 2019 | Invesco Fixed Income

In its quarterly outlook for multi-sector asset allocation, Invesco Fixed Income expects that with inflation remaining subdued in major economic blocs, central banks are likely to remain accommodative this coming quarter.

With markets having priced in a better level of global growth, risk/reward considerations now no longer favor an asset allocation tilted towards risky assets.

As such, the team has lowered its risk stance to neutral from slightly positive. With global growth in line with expectations, the team thinks that subdued global inflation and easy global financial conditions will likely generate a neutral environment for risk assets over its three-month investment horizon.

To read the team’s analysis, click on “Download PDF”.

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