Global Fixed Income Strategy - November 2018

Monthly insights and updates from the Invesco Fixed Income team

Dec 6, 2018 | Invesco Fixed Income

In its latest monthly strategy update, Invesco Fixed Income (IFI) points out that the future direction of oil prices is highly uncertain. The last several years have seen a meaningful shift in oil market dynamics, from both a supply and demand perspective. Fast forward to 2018, and oil market fundamentals look dramatically improved. Nevertheless, future demand risks and concerns about producer coordination disruption are potentially materializing, making the longevity of the oil market’s balance uncertain.

Elsewhere, the macro team argues that current trade tensions between China and the US are more of a trade skirmish than a trade war, and that it would take significant escalation for this to become a full-blown trade war. The tariffs are a means for US President Trump to push China to address its distortionary trade and business practices.

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