Global Fixed Income Strategy Nov 2017

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Nov 30, 2017 | Invesco Fixed Income

Global Investors’ Summit – 2018 macro overview

Over 70 investors gathered in Atlanta in November to discuss and debate Invesco Fixed Income’s (IFI) views on global macroeconomic trends. Below we highlight the meeting’s major conclusions by region, including views on the three macro factors that figure into our global investment decisions: growth, inflation and financial conditions (policy). We also note the risks to our views.


The economic forecasts we presented at the previous Summit in June have largely been realized: US economic growth has remained solidly above-potential in 2017 and financial conditions have remained easy.1 Our call for structural weakness in the US dollar has also played out and we expect the trend toward US dollar weakness to continue in 2018. The one discrepancy in our forecasts has been with regard to inflation, which has not picked up as much as we expected.

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