ESG integration for fixed income: sound stewardship and social responsibility

Invesco Fixed Income team describes its ESG process that supplements credit research and helps clients achieve their goals.

Jan 10, 2019 | Paul English

ESG integration, involving bringing ecological, social and governance considerations into investment processes, is a major theme in today’s markets, and the Invesco Fixed Income (IFI) team is convinced that ESG integration not only makes the world more sustainable,but can also lead to better risk-adjusted investment results.The team views integrating ESG factors into its long-term investment framework as an additional layer of due diligence in the best interest of clients and markets.


In this latest article, IFI Head of US Investment Grade Research Paul English describes some aspects of the Invesco Fixed Income ESG process – data collection, calculation of proprietary ESG scores and engagement – that supplement the team’s traditional credit research.


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