Global Factor Investing Study 2017

Invesco's second annual global factor investing study was conducted with 108 different investors and intermediaries across 19 countries. The study identifies five key themes, illustrating the factor investing landscape and sentiment among some of the largest investors in the world.

Oct 1, 2017 | Stephen Quance

New to the study this year are four in-depth case study interviews, exploring the practical experience of investors in implementing factor investing within their portfolio.

Taking an industry lifecycle view, recent investor experience with factor investing has often met or exceeded expectations, barriers are lowering, but it is still relatively early in the adoption process. The investor landscape is already clearly segmented by size and region, and our respondents make it clear that it will become larger and richer over time.

The factor/asset management industry is in a relatively attractive place. It has been offering products based on deep, academically robust research, pitched at a relatively appealing price point, and delivering on many occasions a good investor experience. Unsurprisingly, investors have responded positively and growth prospects remain strong - if anything stronger than seen in 2016.

We hope the unique, evidence-based findings in this year’s report provide a valuable insight into a fascinating and evolving area of asset management.

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