Global Investors' Summit November 2017

Key macro conclusions from a gathering of 70 investors

Dec 13, 2017 | Rob Waldner and Tony Wong

Over 70 investors gathered in Atlanta in November to discuss and debate Invesco Fixed Income’s views on global macroeconomic trends. Below we highlight the meeting’s major conclusions by region, including views on the three macro factors that inform our global investment decisions: growth, inflation and financial conditions (policy). We also note the risks to our views.

Key macro conclusions

  • Global growth is very strong. In the US, Europe and Japan, actual growth exceeds potential growth. In China, growth is roughly in line with potential. We expect continued solid growth in 2018.
  • Inflation remains benign worldwide. We do not expect inflation to meet central bank targets over the next year in the US, Europe or Japan. Emerging market (EM) inflationary trends, broadly, are also on the decline.

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