China A-share market to thrive on economic growth and market improvements

Recent correction in China A shares is great opportunity to invest into the long-term growth of the asset class, says Invesco Great Wall’s CIO Kevin Chen.

Jan 14, 2019 | Kevin Chen

As investors tip their toes back into equity markets, those with exposure to China A shares could be forgiven for feeling burned in 2018. Investor sentiment was dampened by rocky trade relations with the US and a weaker renminbi amid a slowdown in China’s economic growth.

Despite these circumstances, we think the A-share market’s recent poor performance is only a short-term disruption that in fact has made valuations very appealing for A-share investors to stay invested for the long term. China A shares remain a very attractive asset class. Prospects remain continue to be bright for China’s economy and corporate fundamentals, which would boost the long-term performance of A shares. Access to the market for China A shares has also been improving on many fronts. Foreign investors wanting to invest into China’s growth potential should find the asset class now more appealing than ever.

Invesco Great Wall’s CIO Kevin Chen explains in this whitepaper.

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