Asian equities: an emerging buying opportunity

Despite concerns over contagion from emerging-market crisis, our Asian Investment team is optimistic about Asia’s long-term stock performance  

Sep 19, 2018 | Invesco Asian Investment Team

In recent months, sharp sell-off in Turkey and Argentina has sparked fears that the contagion might spread to Asian markets. Global trade tensions also add to the concern. Our Asian Investment team shares the concerns, but believes investors have overlooked several areas that should help extend the long-term strong performance of Asian equities.

The team analyzed economic and market fundamentals across the region and found that economic stability, quality of growth, continued reforms and decent earnings growth will continue to support Asian equities’ performance. The team believes that investors will soon find bargains in the region given the valuation discount. In terms of the most exciting opportunities in the region, they believe China all-share investing is the way forward.

In this whitepaper, the Invesco Asian Investment team explains why they think there is cause for optimism for Asian stocks.

Click Download PDF to read our Asian Investment Team’s latest views.

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