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Talking tariffs: New tolls threaten to further strain US-China relations

14 May 2019 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: Consumer spending could suffer as companies try to pass on price increases

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Emerging markets debt outlook – Q2 2019

08 May 2019 | Rashique Rahman

Invesco Fixed Income’s Head of Emerging Markets, Rashique Rahman, discusses how emerging market debt could perform in Q2 2019 with an updated asset allocation outlook and the potential risks to our views.

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US-China trade talks stumble, and stocks tumble

07 May 2019 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: Threats of fresh tariffs on Chinese goods suggests short-term volatility

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China: an evaluation of policy attempts to spur growth

24 April 2019 | Dave Jubb

Dave Jubb from Invesco’s Henley Multi Asset team assesses China’s use of monetary and fiscal policy to spur growth and whether it is enough to reverse the trend.

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Pension reform paves the way for the target-date funds market in Mainland China

23 April 2019 | Nixon Mak

We take a look at what China’s recent guidelines on the individual commercial pension market mean for target-date funds and other retirement investment products.

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East Asian growth outlook

12 April 2019 | John Greenwood

Chief Economist John Greenwood shares his latest views for the region.

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China’s lower-tier cities step up in consumption upgrade

02 April 2019 | Mike Shiao

Chinese companies in the consumer sector are tapping into lower-tier cities’ potential, thereby driving China’s consumption upgrade.

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China’s inclusion in global bond benchmarks a watershed moment

01 April 2019 | Ken Hu

China’s bond market may see about US$1.2 trillion in inflows over the next five years.

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What trade-offs will the US accept for a trade deal with China?

05 March 2019 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: Assessing the state of trade, and six events to watch this week

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Global Fixed Income Strategy - February 2019

04 March 2019 | Invesco Fixed Income

Monthly insights and updates from the Invesco Fixed Income team

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What does the recent China A-share market rally mean for offshore institutional investors?

01 March 2019 | David Chao

Invesco’s Global Market Strategist in Asia David Chao shares his views on China A-shares’ good performance.

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2019 Outlook: Asian credit

26 February 2019 | Invesco Fixed Income team in Asia

Invesco’s Fixed Income team in Asia shares its views on how the Asian credit market will perform in 2019.

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Five issues to watch this week

20 February 2019 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: Key data releases and international tensions could impact global markets

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Five ‘swords of Damocles’ hang over markets

12 February 2019 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: Several critical deadlines are fast approaching

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Belt and Road: An emerging growth engine amid geopolitical rumblings

04 February 2019 | Ken Hu

Competition among major economies is uncovering long-term investment themes associated with China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

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China A-share market to thrive on economic growth and market improvements

14 January 2019 | Kevin Chen

Recent correction in China A shares is great opportunity to invest into the long-term growth of the asset class, says Invesco Great Wall’s CIO Kevin Chen.

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A modern-day War of the Roses: Is a real winner possible in the US-China trade war?

08 January 2019 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: In an era of globalization, trade wars mean losses for all sides

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Putting the sell-off in perspective

12 December 2018 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: Despite the recent bad news, I am more positive today than I was earlier in the year

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2019 Outlook: Chinese equities

10 December 2018 | Mike Shiao

What is in store for Chinese equities in 2019?

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2019 Outlook: Asia ex Japan equities

10 December 2018 | Mike Shiao

Will optimism return to Asian equities in 2019?

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Out of change comes opportunity

21 November 2018 | Invesco

Navigating the fast-changing investment landscape with shared insights from the 2018 Invesco Asia Pacific Institutional Client Conference in Shanghai.

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The impact of trade tensions on the region

25 October 2018 | John Greenwood

Amid protracted trade tensions between China and the US, chief economist John Greenwood shares his views on what is happening to China’s and regional economies.

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Asian equities: an emerging buying opportunity

19 September 2018 | Invesco Asian Investment Team

Despite concerns over contagion from emerging-market crisis, our Asian Investment team is optimistic about Asia’s long-term stock performance  

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Dragon code - Chinese equities remain our top choice in Asia

21 August 2018 | Invesco Asian Investment Team

Chinese companies will emerge as long-term winners on the back of structural opportunities

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Asian equities: embracing rising volatility

26 June 2018 | Invesco Asian Investment Team

Opportunities exist for investors who look at the fundamentals of stocks and positive trajectory of economies in Asia ex. Japan

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Examining China’s new era of macro policies

03 May 2018 | Yi Hu

Tighter regulation, looser liquidity and fiscal consolidation are likely the new features of China’s macro policies

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A green China - what you need to know by Ken Hu

12 January 2018 | Ken Hu

Despite only issuing its first green bond in 2015, China has already emerged as the world leader with more than US$60 billion in issuance

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