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Coronavirus impact and response: A global view

24 March 2020 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: What can we learn from the hardest-hit countries, and what does this all mean for markets?

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Despite coronavirus, why did China A shares outperform relative to peers?

12 March 2020 | Chris Liu

Amid the current market turmoil, Chinese onshore equities have managed to outperform. Chris Liu analyzes the fiscal, monetary and structural reasons behind and shares his outlook.

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Coronavirus: was the Fed cutting rates the right thing to do?

06 March 2020 | John Greenwood, Chief Economist, Invesco

Only with the right strategy can central banks avoid tipping the global economy into recession

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As markets struggle, where do global economies go from here?

03 March 2020 | Kristina Hooper and David Chao

Weekly Market Compass: We believe the Chinese economy may recover quickly, but the path for other regions will vary.

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Invesco Asia Pacific official statement regarding Coronavirus relief

27 February 2020 | Invesco Asia Pacific

An official statement regarding what Invesco Asia Pacific has been doing in the fight against the Coronovirus outbreak.

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Health check: the coronavirus’s impact on Asian economies and markets

20 February 2020 | David Chao

A Q&A with David Chao who is keeping track of the coronavirus outbreak’s impact by looking at economic indicators across the region.

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The market impact of coronavirus has begun to spread

19 February 2020 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: Companies issue warnings that the epidemic will impact their revenue and earnings

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Uncommon truths: Viruses, nuclear disasters and financial markets

06 February 2020 | Paul Jackson and András Vig

Could the cure for the Coronavirus be worse than the disease? We look at why we tend to overstate the risks of such events and examine the possible economic and financial market effects.

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Forging ahead in China

06 February 2020 | Andrew Lo

Risk and Reward chats with Andrew Lo about the China Position study, a survey of global sentiment towards China-related investing.

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The China position – investor interviews

05 February 2020 | In partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit

Three global investors share their experience on investing in China, in conjunction with a landmark survey of global investors on their sentiment towards Chinese markets.

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Market update on the coronavirus's impact

02 February 2020 | David Chao

China market reactions and government measures

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Assessing the market impact of the Wuhan coronavirus

28 January 2020 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: How does today’s situation compare to the 2003 SARS outbreak?

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A unified approach to investing in Chinese equities

28 November 2019 | Mike Shiao

Differences between onshore and offshore Chinese equities can open up different investment opportunities. We explore the implications here.

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Reflections on my recent visit to China

23 November 2019 | Marty Flanagan

Why the country represents an increasingly attractive opportunity for both domestic and global investors

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What’s standing in the way of a US-China trade deal?

12 November 2019 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: Tariff rollbacks, agriculture purchases have remained topics of debate

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The China position: Gauging investor confidence – an infographic

11 November 2019 | In partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit

A landmark study conducted over the summer of 2019 finds institutional investors are increasing their China exposure. We summarize findings in this infographic.

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What investors need to know about the US-China trade accord

15 October 2019 | Kristina Hooper, David Chao

Seven key takeaways about the newly announced agreement

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Capital market assumption: China A Share methodology

17 September 2019 | Chang Hwan Sung

A look at how Invesco analyzes and constructs long-term asset class forecasts for China A shares.

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False narratives: The myth of ‘superior’ emerging market growth

09 September 2019 | Justin Leverenz

In the second part of this series, Justin Leverenz explains why it is companies, not countries, that may deliver equity returns in emerging markets.

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Uncertainty hits a high point as the trade war escalates

27 August 2019 | Kristina Hooper

There is little that the Fed can do solve a tariff war

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Fundamentally speaking: Active investing is key to capturing alpha in China A shares

23 August 2019 | Kevin Chen

Despite the China A share market’s reputation as being dominated by retail investors’ sentiment, the median active manager has been able to capture alpha and outperform the benchmark. We explore how it’s done.

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Dispelling false analogs in emerging market fintech

16 August 2019 | Justin Leverenz

Fintech can bring tremendous benefits to emerging markets but mimicking China’s success in the space might be unwise

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Taking the “A” out from “EM”: Making sense of a dedicated China A share exposure

16 August 2019 | Kevin Chen

China’s getting more representation on global equity indices and global portfolio allocations should see some adjustments – but we think that’s not the full picture. We analyze the benefits of a dedicated exposure to China A shares.

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You can’t train a great white shark — or control global trade

13 August 2019 | Kristina Hooper

The making of a classic suspense movie shows us that confidence can’t trump reality

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China’s Belt and Road Initiative: A new silk road and its contentions

09 August 2019 | Invesco Fixed Income team in Asia

Invesco Fixed Income explores contentions over the Belt and Road Initiative. 

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Hold on for the ride: China’s STAR Market sees bumpy start to market-oriented reforms

02 August 2019 | Ruiwen Yang and Cheng Zhan

Initial observations from Invesco Great Wall about China’s new tech board.

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False narratives: Rise of the emerging market middle class

26 July 2019 | Justin Leverenz

The concept of a growing, homogenous emerging market middle class is a fallacy – except in China.

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As the G-20 approaches, policy uncertainty weighs on emerging markets

25 June 2019 | Meral Karasulu

Uncertainty is a big risk to global EM growth, but on the positive side we see room for more policy action from EM central banks.

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Asia's US dollar bond market: A new asset class

19 June 2019 | Ken Hu, Yifei Ding and Haidan Zhong

What’s driving the rapid growth of the Asian US-dollar bond market, and where does it go from here? Invesco’s Fixed Income team in Asia explains.

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Chinese onshore bonds: A market too important to ignore?

13 June 2019 | Yi Hu

Invesco's Fixed Income team examines the key features of China’s onshore bond market, the impact of recent index inclusion and the main drivers of its performance.

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Central banks provide a silver lining to the escalating trade war

11 June 2019 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: US cancels its tariffs on Mexico, China warns against traveling to the US, and central banks appear more open to accommodation

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China’s Science and Technology Innovation Board a bold step forward for capital-market reforms

10 June 2019 | Ruiwen Yang and Cheng Zhan

There are no Chinese tech firms among Shanghai Stock Exchange’s 10-biggest listings. Here’s why Invesco Great Wall thinks the new board will give China’s tech sector – and its capital markets – a big boost.

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The month of May was a ‘game-changer’ for markets

04 June 2019 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: Plus, four things to watch in June 

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China embarks on Digital Silk Road

27 May 2019 | Adrian Garcia

Invesco Fixed Income takes a look at how Chinese investment in Africa’s digital infrastructure presents potential opportunities.

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Talking tariffs: New tolls threaten to further strain US-China relations

14 May 2019 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: Consumer spending could suffer as companies try to pass on price increases

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Emerging markets debt outlook – Q2 2019

08 May 2019 | Rashique Rahman

Invesco Fixed Income’s Head of Emerging Markets, Rashique Rahman, discusses how emerging market debt could perform in Q2 2019 with an updated asset allocation outlook and the potential risks to our views.

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US-China trade talks stumble, and stocks tumble

07 May 2019 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: Threats of fresh tariffs on Chinese goods suggests short-term volatility

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China: an evaluation of policy attempts to spur growth

24 April 2019 | Dave Jubb

Dave Jubb from Invesco’s Henley Multi Asset team assesses China’s use of monetary and fiscal policy to spur growth and whether it is enough to reverse the trend.

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Pension reform paves the way for the target-date funds market in Mainland China

23 April 2019 | Nixon Mak

We take a look at what China’s recent guidelines on the individual commercial pension market mean for target-date funds and other retirement investment products.

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East Asian growth outlook

12 April 2019 | John Greenwood

Chief Economist John Greenwood shares his latest views for the region.

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China’s lower-tier cities step up in consumption upgrade

02 April 2019 | Mike Shiao

Chinese companies in the consumer sector are tapping into lower-tier cities’ potential, thereby driving China’s consumption upgrade.

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China’s inclusion in global bond benchmarks a watershed moment

01 April 2019 | Ken Hu

China’s bond market may see about US$1.2 trillion in inflows over the next five years.

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What trade-offs will the US accept for a trade deal with China?

05 March 2019 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: Assessing the state of trade, and six events to watch this week

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Global Fixed Income Strategy - February 2019

04 March 2019 | Invesco Fixed Income

Monthly insights and updates from the Invesco Fixed Income team

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What does the recent China A-share market rally mean for offshore institutional investors?

01 March 2019 | David Chao

Invesco’s Global Market Strategist in Asia David Chao shares his views on China A-shares’ good performance.

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2019 Outlook: Asian credit

26 February 2019 | Invesco Fixed Income team in Asia

Invesco’s Fixed Income team in Asia shares its views on how the Asian credit market will perform in 2019.

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Five issues to watch this week

20 February 2019 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: Key data releases and international tensions could impact global markets

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Five ‘swords of Damocles’ hang over markets

12 February 2019 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: Several critical deadlines are fast approaching

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Belt and Road: An emerging growth engine amid geopolitical rumblings

04 February 2019 | Ken Hu

Competition among major economies is uncovering long-term investment themes associated with China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

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China A-share market to thrive on economic growth and market improvements

14 January 2019 | Kevin Chen

Prospects are bright for China’s economy and corporate fundamentals, which would boost the long-term performance of A shares amid structural changes are underway in the market. We analyze how.

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A modern-day War of the Roses: Is a real winner possible in the US-China trade war?

08 January 2019 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: In an era of globalization, trade wars mean losses for all sides

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Putting the sell-off in perspective

12 December 2018 | Kristina Hooper

Weekly Market Compass: Despite the recent bad news, I am more positive today than I was earlier in the year

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2019 Outlook: Chinese equities

10 December 2018 | Mike Shiao

What is in store for Chinese equities in 2019?

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2019 Outlook: Asia ex Japan equities

10 December 2018 | Mike Shiao

Will optimism return to Asian equities in 2019?

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Out of change comes opportunity

21 November 2018 | Invesco

Navigating the fast-changing investment landscape with shared insights from the 2018 Invesco Asia Pacific Institutional Client Conference in Shanghai.

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The impact of trade tensions on the region

25 October 2018 | John Greenwood

Amid protracted trade tensions between China and the US, chief economist John Greenwood shares his views on what is happening to China’s and regional economies.

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Asian equities: an emerging buying opportunity

19 September 2018 | Invesco Asian Investment Team

Despite concerns over contagion from emerging-market crisis, our Asian Investment team is optimistic about Asia’s long-term stock performance  

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Dragon code - Chinese equities remain our top choice in Asia

21 August 2018 | Invesco Asian Investment Team

Chinese companies will emerge as long-term winners on the back of structural opportunities

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Asian equities: embracing rising volatility

26 June 2018 | Invesco Asian Investment Team

Opportunities exist for investors who look at the fundamentals of stocks and positive trajectory of economies in Asia ex. Japan

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Examining China’s new era of macro policies

03 May 2018 | Yi Hu

Tighter regulation, looser liquidity and fiscal consolidation are likely the new features of China’s macro policies

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A green China - what you need to know by Ken Hu

12 January 2018 | Ken Hu

Despite only issuing its first green bond in 2015, China has already emerged as the world leader with more than US$60 billion in issuance

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Global Investors' Summit November 2017

13 December 2017 | Rob Waldner and Tony Wong

Key macro conclusions from a gathering of 70 investors

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2018 Outlook: Why Asia has done well this year?

08 December 2017 | Stuart Parks

Our regional outlook is based on positive trends in domestic consumption, global economic growth, interest rates and infrastructure spend

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2018 Outlook: 2018 growth may moderate, but reforms and innovation bode well for the longer term in China

01 December 2017 | Mike Shiao

For 2018, we are expecting a moderation of growth. That said, there are several encouraging signs that may support better quality growth in the long term.

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Southbound liquidity is a structural positive for H-shares+

21 November 2017 | Mike Shiao and William Yuen

On a cumulative basis, southbound flows via Stock Connect reached US$78 billion since the initial launch of the program in November 2014

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Bond Connect: Linking China’s onshore and offshore bond markets

17 November 2017 | Ken Hu

The launch of Bond Connect Northbound provides overseas investors with a more efficient channel to invest in China’s onshore bond market, which is on the path to becoming the second largest bond market in the world

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Asia’s technology development brings disruption to traditional industries

28 September 2017 | Paul Chan

Paul Chan, Head of Multi Asset & Hong Kong Pensions at Invesco, discusses his latest views on the Asian market and how pension investors should position themselves.

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China may see mild deflation as its credit bubble deflates and money supply growth slows

26 September 2017 | John Greenwood

In the years since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), China experienced an exceptional credit surge in three waves, raising many eyebrows over the resulting credit bubble. However, in the past year, this surge has slowed down substantially. As China’s credit bubble deflates, it is likely that China will experience mild deflation in coming two years.

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Stability is the key ahead of China’s Communist Party Congress

31 July 2017 | John Greenwood

China has adopted varying policies to maintain the economic momentum and keep everything stable ahead of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party — sometimes tightening, sometimes easing.

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MSCI votes ‘yes’ to include China A-shares

20 June 2017 | Invesco Asian Investment team

MSCI announced today their decision to include China A-shares in their Emerging Markets Index. Both China and MSCI have been very constructive, showing efforts on both sides to make this a reality.

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Edging Closer: MSCI's Inclusion of China A-Shares

05 June 2017 | Invesco Asian Investment team

We believe China A-shares inclusion is now much closer, and could realistically begin this year. Both China and MSCI have been very constructive, showing efforts on both sides to make this a reality.

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Dragon code: China's e-commerce growth

09 April 2017 | Mike Shiao

The growth of e-commerce in China is one of the country’s biggest success stories. Chinese e-commerce accounted for almost US$630 billion in sales in 2015, 80% higher than in the US.

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China: Making solid progress on its Five-Year Plan

08 March 2017 | Invesco Asian Investment team

As the National People’s Congress convenes, we highlight three government priorities to watch.

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History rhymes - a comparison of China today with Japan in the 1920s

27 February 2017 | John Greenwood

The question is: how long the Chinese yuan (RMB) will continue to depreciate; and how much will China’s exchange
reserves decline?

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