2019 Long Term Capital Market Assumptions

Another year of opportunities and challenges awaits

2019 promises to be another year of opportunities and challenges. We expect global growth to remain resilient but to slow across most major developed market (DM) and emerging market (EM) economies.

However, economic policy is now more explicitly politicized than at any time in the post Soviet / China-WTO era of globalization, which threatens the structure of a global economy open for trade, corporate and financial investment. The uncertainties of Brexit, Eurozone (EZ) political risk and US-China tensions are already affecting financial markets and confidence.

We expect cyclical deceleration to continue yet to leave growth near or above trend in key economies – especially in the US (2.5% real GDP growth) and EZ (1.7%), and still strong if slowing growth in major EMs, with China (6%) and India (7.4%).


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