Capabilities - Factor Investing

Capabilities - Factor Investing

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With more than 30 years of factor investing experience, Invesco’s global factor teams and Asia-based practitioners create and implement customized factor portfolios in Asia Pacific and around the world. We manage US$115bn^ in assets in our innovative single and multi-asset factor portfolios that cover equities, fixed income, commodities, and ETFs, representing a third pillar of investing between traditional active and market cap weighted indexing. 

We are focused on successful factor investing implementation from the start. Our team isolates portfolio characteristics to harvest factor premiums invested using a scalable and cost-efficient methodology. Our specialized and experienced research teams incorporate new techniques and capabilities as they develop and apply our integrated and proprietary risk controls when needed. We are committed to transparency and knowledge sharing. We collaborate with clients in our factor education programs and write and share white papers, articles and presentations in order to develop the next generation of factor investors.

^Source: Invesco, as at June, 30 2018.


Drive series featuring Stephen Quance, Director of Factor Investing, Asia Pacific

Breakdown of factor investing by asset class*

  • 2nd largest smart beta and 4th largest ETF provider globally
  • 57 dedicated investment professionals in 10 global offices
  • 8 fixed income self-indexing factor suite in 2018
  • Factor-based active investing since 1983

What is factor investing?

Why factor investing now?

Thought leadership and education

We believe the more investors understand factor investing, the better able they will be to benefit from the approach. Therefore, we are committed to providing our clients with in-depth thought leadership and education on factor investing from our investment professionals.

Some of our recent whitepapers include:

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